Monday, February 29, 2016

New TPT Look for Me = Sale for You

A new look for me, means a sale for you! 

I have been busy streamlining all of the products in my TPT Store. Such as, making new cover pages, combining products, changing fonts, and adjusting prices. To celebrate, I am throwing a sale! And, it is all on sale. Yep, every one of my products is 20% off from now until March 3rd. No code needed! 

I hope you enjoy checking out my shop. Here are some ideas of products you might like to purchase. 

Looking for a new Articulation Homework Set? Anything related to artic has a cover page with light blue chevron, and it all looks so nice on my TPT Articulation sub-page! This 66 page homework set has been specifically designed to allow for students to practice mastered sounds and/or have exposure to developing sounds. Just cut each page in half, staple student/helper homework together, and send home assignments as you see fit! A student may be practicing pre-vocalic /r/, but listening to /er/. The combinations are endless!

The most popular item in my shop is the Inside Out Pragmatic Language Pack. Pragmatic products are all green chevron. Inside Out is great way to teach students about emotions and feelings. This therapy pack will do exactly that. You get 5 different activities in this set to support pragmatic language instructions. And, each set is in color and grayscale, to make it all printer friendly!
Check out Synonym Worksheets. All language based activities are purple chevron (can you tell I like chevron???). 15 Super Hero and 15 Princess themed worksheets are included in this set. Use them for therapy or to send home for homework. You can even laminate the pages to use them again and again with a dry erase marker. Additionally, I have included a blank worksheet for both themes so you can add your own target words!
The last new color category is yellow chevron for all other types of products, such as awards, games, or craftivities. A fun pack is the Speech/Language Award Set. These 20 cheerful and fun certificates are perfect for celebrating your newest speech therapy graduate, or for any other reason! Included in your Speech/Language Award Set, are 20 certificates to celebrate your student’s success. Each theme has an award for speech graduates and an award for general success. You can print these again and again, and they look amazing in color. Add more excitement with stickles, glitter or even a little gift!
Thanks for taking the time to look at my TPT Store, and enjoy your shopping spree!


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It's Sale Time!

Check out my shop! I am having a 20% off sale, along with thousands of other educators, on TPT. Come on by =)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


I fly to Denver tomorrow with a fellow SLP to be with thousands of other SLPs! It is ASHA! 2015! I am just a TINY bit excited. I am also feeling super lucky to have the chance to go. So, to celebrate, I am throwing a sale in my TPT shop. Everything is 20% off during the convention from Wednesday 11/11 until Saturday 11/14. No code needed! Check me out here. Or, click on the logo below.

Happy ASHA!

Friday, October 30, 2015

I am Totally Famous!

Guess what? I have been featured on Speech Room Style! Speech Room Style is known for finding awesome speech rooms to share with our colleagues. On top of that, I get a handy email from them weekly about the latest and greatest TPT products made by SLPs. It is called SLPs on TPT. They have really got it going on over there! 

Check me out here. I can also send you an autographed photo of my room. You know. Because I'm famous now!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

RWAAAR! Monster!

I have already shared some of my Halloween activities in previous posts, but I wanted to make sure you had the chance to see this fun activity. We are making monsters. RWAAAAR!

I got the idea here from No Time for Flashcards.

It is really simple, and the kids enjoyed making these scary guys. I am lucky enough to have an assistant to do (almost) all of my copying, laminating, prep, etc. So, she had the hand-cramping task of cutting all the monsters out over the past few weeks. Kind of a cr*ppy job. And yes, I got her some chocolate to fuel her along.  But, I need every minute of my speech session to work with students, so I don't want to spend a bunch of time on cutting. 

Anyway, here are the steps!

Step 1: Find someone to cut out the monsters for you. Provide chocolate and/or coffee to fuel the cutting.

Step 2: After the student completes a therapy task (ie: says a word 5x, uses a complete sentence, etc.), he or she can add one paint dot. This goes on and on until the student feels they have enough paint dots on the monster.

Step 3: The therapist adds a bunch of glue dots all over the monster.

Step 4: After the student completes a therapy task (ie: says a word 5x, uses a complete sentence, etc.), he or she can add one googlie eye. This goes on and on until the therapist feels therapy is done. And, when the student feels they have enough googlie eyes on the monster.

Step 5: Let the monsters dry and decorate your speech room. OOoooooooohhhhhh. So spooky!
Hope you try making these scary dudes with your students. And don't forget to check out my Halloween {Speech and Language} Craftivity on my TPT shop. Your kids will love it too!

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 19, 2015

October in the Speech Room

I am excited to share with you my bulletin boards for October. This kids are digging them, and I hope you do to. 

The first section is a candy-corn survey. I can't believe so many kids LIKE candy-corn. Gross. This question led us into one of the craftivities that we have been making in speech. 

For those working on articulation goals, they have been putting together these cute candy-corns. I have created a craftivity set for my TPT store that includes all the printables and instructions for this activity. Check it out here.

They look adorable floating around the room.

Each year, I use this haunted house to target prepositions and concepts. The students follow my directions on where to put the sticker ghosts. I laminated the haunted house, so when the student leaves speech, I can easily pull the stickers off with minimal damage. I have been using the same haunted house for a few years, and it is holding up well! 

Last, but not least, are our mummies.  This is the second portion of my new craftivity in my TPT store. Get it here and start the fun in speech today!

For my SIX students with fluency/stuttering goals (I know right, SIX is a lot!), we are practicing strategies while decorating these sticker pages from Oriental Trading Company. 

All the kids have been doing spooky activities that I have collected and created over the years. Lots of stuff from Pinterest and TPT.

Before you go, take a look at my new Halloween {Speech and Language} Craftivity. It's only $2! You will get everything you need to make the Mummy and Giant Candy Corn, both featured in this blog post. Here is a little preview of what is included:

Oh, and here are my cute kids at the pumpkin patch ;)

Friday, October 16, 2015

Speech Room September and August

Hello everyone! I wanted to share a few pictures of my bulletin boards that I had up for September and August. I went with an Inside Out theme, and the kids were so stoked! I even made a few activities for articulation, language, and pragmatics. Check them out in my TPT shop here.

I have three divide boards to feature different activities and topics as the year moves along. For now, it is all about Inside Out.

Jill Kuzma's "size of the problem" set is featured here:

Riley and her memories: 

Character traits:

It has been a fun theme, but now it is time to move onto Halloween. Check back soon for some spooky ideas and decor!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Inside Out Pragmatics and Langauge

I have good news. I finally posted some new materials in my TPT shop to meet many of your social language and general language therapy needs. For 4-bucks, each set can be yours! 

Get your Inside Out Language Therapy Pack here. Here are some of the activities and worksheets that come with your set.

Also available is my Inside Out Pragmatic Language Set. Lots of activities for those students who need some instruction in emotions and feelings.  Here are some of the worksheets that are included.

I am so excited to get this stuff up in TPT. I hope you like these activities!

In case you missed it, I also have an Inside Out Puzzle Freebie in my TPT shop. Get it here.

Have a great day! And thanks for reading =)

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