Monday, August 31, 2015

Welcome Back 2015/2016 SLPs!

 Hello! I am off and running this year and excited to share my new themes and ideas. I want to give you a small preview of what I have goin' on in the speech room. 

Have you seen Inside Out? This movie is absolutely amaze-balls and perfect for SLPs! I am using this as my theme to get the year started and talk about feelings. This is what I have on my bulletin boards so far:

These mini posters will soon be in my TPT shop!

This set goes with the Zones of Regulation curriculum and is a freebie from Jill Kuzma. Check it out here.

What's on your mind?
To go with this fun theme, I am also working on a social language pack for my students, as well as my TPT store. I am setting a goal for  myself to make it live by Friday! Here is a preview:

Check back tomorrow for an exciting celebration for my friend and colleague over at A View into my Classroom. It is going to be fun, with an awesome giveaway!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

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